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Sorry Y’all

So I have some bad news…

I will not be blogging The Bachelor this season.

I couldn’t do the first episode because ABC didn’t send out DVDs and then I got the second episode so late that I just really didn’t have time to get it together this week.  But really, all this got me thinking - my heart just isn’t in it this season.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Sean.  I think he is amazing, charming, and he might just be the most genuine Bachelor ever.  Seriously, the thing I appreciate about him most every episode is that he honestly seems happy and whoever ends up with him is a very lucky person.  But I digress, this season is full of amazing girls and some not so amazing girls that I would have a field day captioning - but I’m just not able to give y’all my all this season.

I truly hope everyone understands and I’m still down to live-tweet and cyber drink wine with y’all every week.  Maybe I’ll still caption a picture or two?  Tierra gives some serious gold every week y’all…

  1. meredithbklyn said: :(
  2. graceinplace said: oh this is so sad, but hope you’ll be back to it next season!
  3. lotusgalramblings said: Damn, your blog was the best part of watching this series! Xxxxoooo
  4. preheat262 said: :( I have the sadz.
  5. imanafricanprincess said: I can live with live tweets and a few picture captions!
  6. sweetrambles said: major sadz : (
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